J.B. Russell
The children's choir rehearses at the Saint Paul Catholic Church.Mukubu, Katanga Province, RD Congo.Photo © J.B. Russell
Democratic Republic of Congo, June 2006
The children's choir rehearses at the Saint Paul Catholic Church.
Mukubu, Katanga Province, RD Congo.
Photo © J.B. Russell

J.B. Russell

The Road to Nowhere??

Observing humanity. If one looks close enough, we can't help but wonder if we are indeed on a road to nowhere. Spending as much time as I do documenting current events and the human condition, I must admit that my faith in humanity is all too often plunged into the obscurity of doubt. Never the less, along that road I have also witnessed moments that shine; sublime instances where human dignity, resilience and generosity give cause to resist succumbing to cynicism or pessimism. A road to somewhere perhaps? At some point, I realized that a road to somewhere implies that there is a destination, a terminus to the voyage. A road to nowhere on the other hand, is an endless perambulation and therefore it is the journey itself that is fundamental, not the destination.

Road to Nowhere Productions is about that journey. It is about being in the moment, about seizing those moments and collecting them to tell the stories of the human odyssey.